Book review: Propose, prepare, present: hot to become a successful, effective and popular speaker at industry conferences

[Disclaimer: I’ve received a copy of this book for reviewing]

In this (really!) short book, Alistair Croll presents you several tips on how to improve your chances of becoming a good professional speaker. Alistair starts by introducing the conference industry world. Having an idea about how it works is important for understanding the risks and obstacles you might face. After this introduction, you’ll see how you can adapt an idea to a specific type of event. As you’ll find out (if you read the book), having a good idea is not enough for making into the conference as a presenter. You’ll probably need to have one or two good topics, write a good CFP about it and, if you get picked, you’ll probably need to adapt it to the available sessions/slots.

Chapter 3 is a great one because it will present several tips that will help you get chosen from the available candidates. It also presents several things which will probably hurt you during the process, so you should really pay attention to this chapter. The last two chapters give you some tips on how to improve your presentations and on how you can improve your chances of making money at these conferences.

Typically, this is not the sort of book I read. However, I was looking for something to give me some tips on this subject (conferences) and this book was really what I needed to get an overall look on the topic. Overall, I’m giving it a 7/10.

~ by Luis Abreu on June 18, 2013.

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