Book review: UX for Lean Startups

[Disclaimer: I’ve received a copy of this book for reviewing.]

Nowadays, there are no doubts about the role UX plays in getting a great product. Unfortunately, UX is generally associated with costly processes which involve lots of design. In this book, Laura Klein does an excellent job in showing you how to apply several techniques in  order to reduce the time and money which is typically spent in this area.

Even though the book has UX in its title, the truth is that book concentrates on showing you several techniques that will help you continuously test the user experience. No, I’m not talking about color use or stuff like that. I’m talking about techniques which will help you validate if the problem you’re trying to solve deserves to be solved (ie, should you be wasting your time and money building this product) or that will improve the way you run your qualitative and quantitative research and testing. In other words, Laura introduces several approaches which will help you apply lean principles to UX design.

Looking at its title (UX for Lean Startups) might mislead you into thinking that this book is for someone who wants to create a startup. In my opinion, it’s not. In fact, I’d say that given the importance that UX plays in software, the book’s title should be something like UX for Lean Developers. But hey, that’s just me Smile

Overall, I’m giving it a 8/10.

~ by Luis Abreu on June 7, 2013.

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