Book review: CLR via C#

[Disclaimer: I’ve received a copy of this book for reviewing]

Yesterday I’ve finally finished reading Jeffrey Richter’s last book CLR via C#, 4th edition. I’ve been getting a copy of this book (buying or being lucky enough to get a review copy) since it was called Applied Microsoft .NET Framework Programming. Each new edition ends up adding new cool stuff and this last edition didn’t disappoint. Besides Garbage Collector chapter rewrite, this latest edition introduces the new Reflection API (introduced by .NET 4.5)  and presents several new concepts associated with the new WinRT framework. If you’re a die hard C# programmer, you should be pleased to know that the book has been updated to illustrate the new C# 5.0 async features introduced by the latest .NET framework release.

So, this is really a book I love and fortunately for us developers, Jeffrey has been doing an excellent job of maintaining and updating it during these last years. In my opinion, this is still the .NET reference book every developer should buy and read. My score: 10/10.

~ by Luis Abreu on February 25, 2013.

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