Book review: Designing interfaces

[Disclaimer: I’ve received a free copy of this book for reviewing]

Another of the books I’ve managed to read while I’ve been in “blog silent mode”  was Jenifer Tidwell’s Designing Interfaces, 2nd edition. User interface design is an area which is getting more and more attention lately (and, if you ask me,  that is really a good thing). In this book, Jenifer presents several UI patterns and techniques, grouped into several chapters according to their main purpose (ex.: flow patterns, layout patterns, list patterns, etc.).

All the patterns are well explained through the use of several sections: what, use when, why, how and examples (which list several use cases that illustrate the pattern in the real world). The book doesn’t concentrate only on web and desktop patterns and if  you’re interested in developing for the mobile,then you’ll be happy to know that there’s a complete chapter on it. This isn’t a book for designers only. If you’re a developer like me,then this a good book to have in your desk for those situations where you end up having to come up with the UI of an app (and we all know that in a many cases, we end up designing interfaces whether we’re prepared or not). Overall, I’m giving it an 8/10 and I’ve been using it for helping me improve the UIs that I’ve been in charge of designing lately.


~ by Luis Abreu on February 20, 2011.

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