Book review: CLR via C#,3rd edition

Since I’ve started working in my Silverlight book, I’ve been really busy. So busy that I completely forgot to post my review about Jeffrey Richter’s CLR via C# book. Well, to be honest, there’s really not much I can say about it…let me see…basically, I want to say two things:

  • it should be *required* reading for everyone that wants to write code for the .NET platform
  • it’s so good that when someone ask me about it, I  only say this: let’s assume that you only have money to buy a single book for learning .NET. In that case, you should buy this book. Really!

Yes, my friends, this book is really great and this last edition has added some nice chapters on multithreading too, which make it even more compelling. For all that’s worth, I’m giving it 10/10.


~ by Luis Abreu on July 14, 2010.

2 Responses to “Book review: CLR via C#,3rd edition”

  1. Great. My copy is comming in the next week

  2. I”m sure you won”t regret it. I”ve got the three editions and I must confess that I”ve learned a lot with each new edition.

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