Book review: Confessions of a public speaker

I’ve just finished reading Scott Berkun’s latest book. Scott is a really good communicator and you can say that I’ve been a fan of his work since his first best seller (Making things happen), which, btw, I’ve reviewed here a long time ago.

You’ll be able to find several interesting topics in Confessions of a public speaker. Besides tips on how to improve your skills, you’ll also find some advice on how to handle several problems which you’ll eventually face when doing public speaking in front of lots of people. I’m really convinced that if you’re a public speaker, then you’ll learn a couple of things by reading this book. I know that the presentations I’ve done in the past would have been better if I had this book at the time. Anyway, it’s never late and I’m really under the impression that by using Scott’s tips, I’ll be doing a better job when I need to talk in public in future gigs.

I must confess that I did really enjoyed the chapter on confessions where you can find a collection of short essays on things that have gone wrong during presentations (of professional speakers). Overall, I found this a pleasing and easy reading book with lots of good advices. Note: 9/10.


~ by Luis Abreu on January 27, 2010.

2 Responses to “Book review: Confessions of a public speaker”

  1. Thanks much for the review! And appreciate you spreading the word about my books.


  2. No, thank you! Please keep them coming. I”m already looking forward for your next book 🙂

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