MS AJAX Lib beta is out

You can get it from here. I’m curious to see if it contains new features…


~ by Luis Abreu on November 20, 2009.

4 Responses to “MS AJAX Lib beta is out”

  1. From Preview 6, the main thing is the addition of integration of the ACT client scripts to work with the loader (and Sys.create, etc).

    Also a few more things ”plugin-ized”, like Sys.addHandler, which also now takes dom selectors or arrays of selectors in addition to a dom element.

  2. Looks good…btw, did any of the other suggestions made it into the code? (ex.: getting the event from within a command handler)


  3. One or two may have, I forget all the suggestions you made 🙂 This was a quick iteration over preview 6 so not a lot changed. The suggestions you had are all logged as bugs tho, and likely to be taken for next time.

  4. Thanks Dave.

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