Quick poll: which color scheme for blog posts?

Guys, which one of these do you prefer: the light one or the black one? For working I do really prefer darker schemes, but it seems like they don’t work very well with the JS editor…


~ by Luis Abreu on July 30, 2009.

13 Responses to “Quick poll: which color scheme for blog posts?”

  1. Normally I prefer dark-backgrounds but this black scheme is too dark. Maybe lighten up the background just a little bit and lower the saturation on text. For some reason big chunky, sans serif fonts seem to look best on dark backgrounds too. Like Consolas, or Deja Vu Sans Mono.

  2. The light one for the blog! The dark is a bit hard to read with the maroon.

  3. Light. I can”t read the dark themed blocks unless I highlight them.

  4. Hi Luis,

    I prefer light color.

  5. Well i just answered this in your last post entry but i definitly perfer the light one.

  6. Light one- it”s a lot easier to read in google reader, and better matches the blog design when displaying only a few lines of code.

  7. Light. It is almost impossible to see strings, etc with the dark scheme you use. Unless you have more granular control over the colors that is. I prefer dark myself, but I have to be able to read everything without squinting…

  8. Light one. The dark ones are almost impossible to read.

  9. If I had to choose between your light theme and your black theme I would choose the white one for blog posts.

    But I love this kind of colors:

    (nb: strings are in red too)

  10. The light one! And it”s the ONLY option for me because red or blue text on a dark background is completely unreadable on my 8 year old computerscreen. I have to select and paste the code snippets before I can read them… but your ramblings are worth the trouble.

  11. Thanks for the feedback guys. I”ll keep the light one until someone helps me change the color of strings in JS code…

  12. Light One

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