So sad, really!

It’s lunch time, I turn on the TV for watching the news and what do I see? More than 45 mins of Cristiano Ronaldo’s presentation on Real Madrid…and then there’s the piece on the music he chose for his presentation…it’s from a Portuguese band, you know…and that’s why we need to interview the guys that written and played the music…again…I say again because yesterday we had to watch hours of that stuff! Then, more repetitions on MJ’s ceremonies…And now, the funny thing: Portugal hasn’t ordered nor has it defined the quantity of vaccines it should buy for the H1N1 pandemic. Many countries (here in Europe) have already done that, but here we don’t need those stupid vaccines…This piece had a duration of 45 seconds…and then, lets put C. Ronaldo again…

See where I’m getting? Not sure about you, but I tend to find information on the H1N1 way more important (specially since our government hasn’t done almost anything about it yet!) that watching C. Ronaldo being presented in Madrid. That piece should have had at least 5 minutes and they should have interviewed the government about those things. that’s the important stuff…

It’s sad…so sad…


~ by Luis Abreu on July 7, 2009.

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