Where do I go now?

Well, I’m thinking that the MVC platform hasn’t really much more for me to blog about, so I’m thinking about new themes which might also interest you. Here are my ideas for future posts:

  • I’m thinking on starting a basics series. The idea is to talk about concepts which I consider that every developer should know (ex.: patterns, OO programming concepts, etc). The cool thing about this is that I can use it to refresh my ideas too and it will probably help those which are starting programming;
  • I’m thinking into taking a deep dive on MEF and see if it might help me build easily customized/extendable apps. Not sure if this is the way to go, but…
  • Silverlight: at the beginning, I was a fairly active member on the Silverlight forums (at the time, it was still called WPF/e). However, I haven’t really done anything with it (professionally, that is) and haven’t really looked at it for years. I’m not sure if this is for me (ok, I’m not really a designer!), but I’m really curious about it;
  • C++: yes,I know…I’m insane,right? The truth is that I never mastered C++, even though I’ve written C++ code in the past (my first professional gig was developing C++ ATL COM components). If I go back there, I’m thinking about sharing my experiences with you (and I’m not doing this out of kindness…no, I’m hoping that someone will help me and put me back on track when I’m lost);
  • Multithreading: yes, this is something that I will surely pick up in the next days. I’ve already started reading another book in multithreading and you can count on seeing some thoughts about it here.

Ok, this are some extremely ambitious objectives and I’m not sure if work will let me fulfill all of them…anyways, you can bet that I’ll try hard…And what do you think about this plan?


~ by Luis Abreu on April 14, 2009.

10 Responses to “Where do I go now?”

  1. I would love some stuff on multithreading. Its always an interesting topic since we will all undoubtedly be tossed into it in one way or another over the next few years.

    C++ would be cool too. I generally write in high level languages, but I been writing C for school and I”ve really enjoyed it.

  2. I have a question about MVC and RenderPartial (I think that is the helper).

    Where does my business logic go? In my master page I have something like Html.RenderPartial(“toolbar”). Then i want to execute the toolbar.ascx. I want to read the SiteMapNodes from my web.sitemap file and check to see if the user has access to the page. Where do I put the business logic? We are using the built in membership, so I have a CurrentUser object in session, and that object has a method CurrentUser.HasAccess(something).

    In the webform I would just do all this in the code behind..but what about in these “Partial Views”? Maybe my example is a bad one, but what if I want to go hit the database or render something different based on some business logic, where “should” I put the code if there is no controller? I can”t find a good example and I”ve been looking all day.

    I only bring this up because it sounds like you don”t know what to blog and your past MVC entries have been VERY helpful.

    Take this comment for what it”s worth, thanks for the MVC entries.

  3. Deep diving into MEF sounds like a good idea 🙂

  4. Mmhhh, I would be interested in Patterns & Best Practices, but not universally, but based on ASP.NET MVC & jQuery & WCF.

  5. How about Entity Framework, ADO.NET Data Services, etc?

  6. EF: well, I”ve done some research on it (v1.0) and it”s nearly useless…sorry, but that”s simply the truth…

  7. Silverlight 3; Parallel Computing;

  8. @Brian: well, after reading your details, I”m convinced that those decisions should go in your controller. Now, it seems like you”re interest in having subcontrollers, right? In the futures there is a RenderAction method, but I”m not sure if that will cover everything you want…

    if you really want to go with subcontrollers, then you should probably take a look at this post by Phil: http://haacked.com/archive/2008/11/04/areas-in-aspnetmvc.aspx

    Does that help?

  9. And thanks for the suggestions everyone made! Lets see how things go…

  10. S#arp Architecture! 😉

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