Blogging pause

Well, sort of…ok, here”s the deal: I”ve been having problems on my leg for several months now. After spending some time siting, I have lots of problems getting up…It”s as if the muscle won”t stretch….Initially, fibrosis was the most viable option, but it seems like that is not the problem…

It seems like it may be caused by some sort of back problem, so I was advised to avoid being sited at all costs (at least, until I get my next appointment with a specialist, which should only happen in a month or so). What this means is that until I have a definitive answer on what”s wrong with my leg (or should I say back?), I”ll have to take the advice and that means that this blog will suffer a bit. I will still be writing, but with much less frequency. I do want to finish my MVC series, bu,,t I guess it”ll take a little more time than I had though. Sorry about that šŸ˜¦


~ by Luis Abreu on September 30, 2008.

2 Responses to “Blogging pause”

  1. Fibrosis sucks… I had that problem on my patella tendon a while ago, had a surgery, and still suffering from it even after years. But will get better šŸ™‚
    Good luck with it.

  2. Thanks!

    Yes, fibrosis does suck, though at the moment it looks like I don”t have a fibrosis (exams have ruled that out). So, it looks like it will be some sort of spinal nerve or hernial disk problem, but I will only be sure after talking with a specialist…

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