Book review: Ajax Design Patterns

[Disclaimer: I’ve received a copy of this book for reviewing]

I’ve just finished reading this book (by Michael Mahemoff) and I can tell you that I’ve got mixed feelings about it. I believe that having a set of patterns that describes solutions to  several problems is something we really need (after all, there really isn’t any need for us to loose time trying to solve problems that have already been solved by others in the past, right?). So, every document that tries to define several problems and present solutions to them are really welcome.

Now, I’m not so sure if I agree with all the patterns presented on that book (at the begining of the book, there’s one called Ajax App design pattern – really not necessary on this book! – and it’s just adding pages to the book – there were a few more too, but I think that this one is more than enough for making my previous point).

Regarding the text itself, I’d really prefer to have  it simpler and smaller. I’m not sure if we really need so many stories behind the patterns that go along something like “developer X wants to do Y. How can he do it?” and then we have more text that explains what the pattern does. This adds lots of bloat, making the reading somewhat boring (ok, it’s a pattern book, which probably means that you shouldn’t read it cover to cover like I did).

If you’re an ASP.NET developer, then I should probably warn you that the server side code presented is written in PHP (though it’s easy to understand). Having said this,I still think that if you’re building RIA apps,you should read it since it will probably have a solution to the problem you’re trying to solve. I’m giving it 7/10.


~ by Luis Abreu on September 5, 2008.

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