Book review: Making things happen

[Disclaimer: I”ve receive a copy of this book for reviewing]

In these last days of vacations, I”ve managed to finish reading this really cool book on project management. Even though I”m not a project manager, this was one of those books I”ve heard lots of good things about and I can tell you now (after finishing reading it) that I wasn”t disappointed with it.

Besides being fun and easy reading, you”ll find lots of great tips on this book. For instance, I”ll be using some of the ideas presented on the Skills and Management parts on my work from now on. If you ask me, I”d say that the last chapter (Powers and Politics) is more than enough for justifying the book”s price!

Overall, I”m giving it 9/10 and I”m putting it on my special reference shelf, where I”ve already got Peopleware (ok, I”ve just noticed that I haven”t publish a review on this book on my blog. I”ll do it on the next days), The mythical man-month, etc. So, if you haven”t read this book and you”re on the development business,do yourself a favor and pick a copy and then read it from cover to cover! You should to be a better professional after reading it!


~ by Luis Abreu on August 10, 2008.

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