Why did I return to the msmvps.com blogs…

[Warning: definitely not a technical post]

Those 3 guys that normally read my blog (yes, I believe that I”ve managed to overcome my previous record of 2!) may recall the “switch to ASP.NET blogs and then back to msmvps.com again”. It seems like I”m not the only one that got pissed with some of the comments that started appearing on the blog. On the other hand, it seemed like I was the only one that got out, but that”s another story :,,)

As you know, the ASP.NET blogs have a global feed. The problem is that this feed publishes all the posts that appear on the weblogs.asp.net site without filtering it by tag (there”s an option on the web interface that will let you decide if you”re publishing the post on the global feed, but lets face it: how many of you use the web interface to publish a post?).

In practice, this means that if I publish a post on the weblogs.asp.net site, annotate it with something that is not ASP.NET related (ex.: Trivia) you”ll automatically receive the post if you subscribe to that global feed. I believe that we can all agree that  in this case it”s not really my fault that you end up getting a trivia post when you”re only interested in getting ASP.NET content.

Unfortunately, there are some guys that are extremely rude and start adding comments to non-ASP.NET post which say something like: this doesn”t help me. don”t put it here, etc. etc.. Let me give you an example. Here one of the posts that made me get pissed and that made me close the ASP.NET blog. Ok, let”s see what some ass wipe called Mo said:

“I don”t care if you are back. This doesn”t help me improve my ASP.NET. Stop posting stuff like this to the main feed.”

Ok, so lets see if I understand this correctly: Mo is complaining because I”ve added a personal post to MY BLOG. Interesting… I always thought that my blog was supposed to be managed by me, but it seems like Mo and lots of other guys have other plans…And again, do notice that I”m not posting anything to the main thread. It”s the blog that is doing that automatically…

Even though my blog is not the best blog in the world, I think that it does have several posts with technical content and since it”s MINE, I”m the one that decides what gets posted. And that”s why I”ve returned to the msmvps blogs.


~ by Luis Abreu on February 21, 2008.

4 Responses to “Why did I return to the msmvps.com blogs…”

  1. Welcome back, we forgive you!

  2. I don”t. You left. Now, keep out.

  3. I think anyone who acts negative towards a blogger is ridiculous… Bloggers like this take time out of their professional lives to help everyone with problems they encounter. It”s very rude to say negative things to people who help you, would you be rude to a calculus teacher who shared what they did last weekend? (Keep in mind the teacher is teaching for FREE)

  4. Welcome back, Luis!

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