The blog is (moving) reopening :,,)

to the site. Since most of the content I write is web related, I think it makes sense to start writing my posts over there. I”m not going to close this blog since I”m not migrating my old posts.

If you want to keep following my blog and you”re consuming my feedburner feed, then you don”t need to do anything since I”ve already updated the feed to point to that blog. If you prefer to check the online version of the site, then you can check it here.

I couldn”t end this post without thanking the guys at for hosting my blog and keeping everything working out smoothly on these last years.

Since things didn”t really go well with my move to the site I”m reopening this blog. Until the end of the day I”ll port my entries on the site to this site (so I”m sorry if this will duplicate the posts on your RSS reader). If you”re already consuming my feed from feedburner, you won”t need to do anything.


~ by Luis Abreu on January 29, 2008.

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