Safari not ready for dual monitor?

Well, guess what: i had just finished posting this and I”m already seeing a bug on the maximize behavior. If you have 2 monitors and you try to maximize safari”s window on the second monitor, it”ll go away. When i try to minimize it, it looks like it”s somewhere on my third monitor (at least, the cool minimizing effect is coming from there – that is, if i had a third monitor, which i don”t :),,)


~ by Luis Abreu on June 11, 2007.

One Response to “Safari not ready for dual monitor?”

  1. Hi there

    I have had this problem too. Here is my workaround:
    1. Maximize Safari on second monitor
    2. Press ALT+SPACE to drop down context menu
    3. Press M to select Move
    4. Use LEFT key to move Safari into position
    5. Press ENTER to set position

    Hope this will sort you out for now: it is a little better than having to fumble with that grip in the bottom-right corner of the window!

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